Kitchen Renovation Cost

A Houzz Australia survey in 2018 of 3,465 Australian homeowners estimates the average cost of a kitchen renovation is $16,960 with most spending between $11,900 & $19,000.

At Mikes kitchens, an average smaller sized kitchen would be approximately $13,500, broken down as below:

Laminate Cabinets:$5,600
Laminate Benchtop:$1,500


Generally, larger kitchens cost between $16,500 and $25,000 and premium inclusion kitchens cost between $25,000 and $45,000.

Pricing your dream kitchen

There are five main components that can determine the cost of your kitchen:

  1. Fronts
  2. Configuration
  3. Hardware
  4. Height
  5. Bench tops

1. Fronts

There are 3 types of materials we can make the fronts from which effect cost:

LaminateModern, Durable and Economical:priced as above
Vinyl WrapShaker Style / Country Kitchens:approx $2,500 more than laminate
2 PacModern or Shaker Style:approx $6,000 more than laminate



2. Configuration

There are 3 types of cabinet in any kitchen:

  • Base Cabinets (doors, drawers etc)
  • Wall Cabinets (including rangehood and microwave cabinets)
  • Tall Cabinets (pantries, fridge housings, oven towers etc)

Your choice of configuration can have a dramatic effect of the overall cost. For example, an 800mm Base Cabinet with doors is approximately $350, where as a unit the same size, but with drawers, is approximately $775.

While Wall Units don’t have drawer options, adding things like glass panels or lift up doors can almost double the cost of each cabinet.


3. Hardware

Drawers add easy access to your kitchen as well as increased storage capacity, however the cost of drawer runners vary greatly. They are typically categorised by weight rating, and by Soft Close or Non-Soft Close.

Our standard Blum Hinges have a weight rating of approx. 30kg per drawer. To make them soft close you add a cost of approx. $10 per drawer.
To increase to a premium weight rating of approximately 60kg per drawer with soft close, adds a cost of approximately another $20 per drawer.

Carry that throughout a whole kitchen with 6 sets of 3 drawers, and you’ve added $540 to the cost of your kitchen.


4. Height

Different Kitchen Companies work to different standard heights, based of if you want your kitchen to go ‘to the ceiling’ or not.

At a standard ceiling height of 2400mm, we make our cabinetry finish at 2250mm with a 150mm Bulkhead to create symmetry with your kickboards on the floor. This also gives you larger wall cabinets with more storage. Some companies will only quote on a 2100mm high kitchen with a 300mm bulkhead, so make sure when comparing quotes, you’re getting the same thing.

Going ‘to the ceiling’ is a great way to finish off your kitchen and never have to clean the top of your kitchen again. Keep in mind, it means new cornice and plastering for the job which adds to the cost as well.


5. Bench Tops

There are two main types of residential kitchen bench tops:

  • Laminate
  • Stone

Laminate bench tops are 34mm thick at a cost of approximately $300 per lineal metre.

Stone bench tops have multiple categories and thickness, however on average, 20mm tops in Caesarstone ‘S’ range is $830 per square metre and 40mm is $1020 per square metre


Additional Costs


These are generally separate to the cost of the kitchen design and installation, however must be considered so cabinetry and be made to measure.


Cabinetry Installation – including removal and disposal of your old kitchen is approximately $1500.

Electrical – on average is approximately $1170 for disconnection and reconnecting of appliances and replacing powerpoints, however depending on how much you want done, prices can go as high as $2000.

Plumbing – on average costs approximately $650 per kitchen, however design choices like moving sink pluming in slabs and new gas lines for cooktops can increase cost to more than $3000. Plumbers generally also do the ducting work for rangehood exhausts which range from $350-$600.

Splashback – Tilers charge approximately $450 for labour of a average sized splashback (3sq Metres) and will usually also supply the grout and adhesive. The cost of the tiles themselves can vary greatly depending on what tile you chose, but on average are usually around $20-$25 per square metre.
A glass splashback costs approximately $520 per square metre, but can go higher for slump/pattern glass.


QBCC Insurance

In Queensland, licensed contractors are required by law to pay a premium on behalf of the consumer for any residential construction/building/repair work (including swimming pools) over $3300. This insurance provides home owners with cover for loss should a licensed contractor not complete the contracted works or fail to rectify defective work.
QBCC Insurance for a kitchen is usually around $275-$300.

Building Work

Typically, kitchen renovations don’t require any building work, unless you’re considering adding/removing walls or have to remove asbestos.

While we can approximate these costs with the quote, a qualified builder needs to inspect walls for load bearing status and a qualified asbestos removalist will need to test for fryable vs non-fryable asbestos to determine the appropriate course of action.




Where Do We Come In?

Mikes Kitchens will visit your home and provide you with a free design consultation to discuss your ideas and aspirations for the space, as well as provide expert advice. We’ll provide you with a 3D wireframe design and quote based on your needs.